Recreational vehicle parks, recreation camps (campgrounds), combined park-camps, and temporary park-camps in Ohio are regulated under the authority of Chapter 3729 of the Ohio Revised Code. Campgrounds/parks in Muskingum County must be licensed to operate by the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department. ZMCHD inspects campgrounds for insect and rodent control, solid waste management, proper sewage treatment facilities, safe water (if provided) and clean, maintained buildings and structures.

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Types of camps are as follows:

Recreational vehicle (RV) park: any tract of land used for parking five or more self-contained recreational vehicles. A self-contained recreational vehicle is a recreational vehicle that can operate independent of connections to sewer and water and has plumbing fixtures or appliances all of which are connected to sewage holding tanks located within the vehicle.

Recreation camp (campground): any tract of land upon which five or more portable camping units are placed. A portable camping unit is a dependent recreational vehicle, tent, sleeping equipment, or similar camping equipment.

Combined park-camp: any tract of land upon which a combination of five or more self-contained recreational vehicles or portable camping units.

Temporary park-camp: a facility which is being primarily utilized for the purpose of camping, that requires overnight residence, indoor or outdoor activities, and exists on any tract of land together with any buildings or other structures pertinent to its use. A resident camp does not include the following:(1) Any university, college, or other educational facilities; or (2) Any use of a tract of land, or property determined by the board of health as not being within the intent of this chapter.

State Resources

Ohio Revised Code regarding Camps
Ohio Department of Health Campground website
Ohio Department of Health Plan Review & Construction
Temporary Campground Facts Guidelines

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