Community partners review all unexpected and unexplained child and overdose deaths in Muskingum County.

Child Fatality Review

Child Fatality Review Team reviews all unexpected and unexplained child deaths that occurred in Muskingum County. The process for conducting a child death review includes: gathering and presenting information, identifying contributing factors, and formulating data driven recommendations to prevent future child deaths. Mission: To reduce the incidence of preventable child deaths.

Overdose Fatality Review

The Overdose Fatality Review Team reviews recent deaths that occurred in Muskingum County, and of Muskingum County residents who died from a drug overdose. The primary objectives of the team are to develop an understanding of the causes and incidences of drug overdose deaths in the county, develop plans for and recommend changes within County and State agencies represented on the local team to prevent drug overdose deaths, and advise changes to law, policy, or practice, including the use of devices that are programmed to dispense medications on a schedule.