The Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department investigates complaints regarding solid waste on properties within county limits. If the solid waste nuisance is located within the City of Zanesville, please contact City Code Enforcement at 740-617-4890.

Solid waste is any unwanted material that results from the community, industry, commercial operations, or agriculture. There are several different types of solid waste and certain disposal methods that are used depending on the type of waste.

How does Solid Waste affect our Community?

  • Removal of solid waste eliminates the harborage for disease carrying insects and rodents.
  • Removal of solid waste reduces of vector-borne diseases (West Nile, Rabies, Zika, Lyme Disease, dysentery).
  • Removal of solid waste protects our environment from pollutants.

Household Waste: food, paper, rags, rubber, metal, wood, combustibles or non-combustible materials. Nuisance complaints often result if garbage is not disposed of properly.

Yard Waste: overgrown grass/weeds, leaves, branches, garden debris, etc. Please contact your township trustees for enforcement.

Abandoned Vehicles: please contact your township trustees for enforcement.

Scrap Tires: must be disposed of at an OEPA (Ohio Environmental Protection Agency) licensed recycling facility. Please contact Tyrex Resources of Ohio at 888-558-1919. Disposal may be available during the summer, free of charge. Contact the EMA (Emergency Management Agency) to determine availability: 740-453-1655.

Scrap Metal/Recyclables: contact local facilities for disposal: Muskingum Scrap Iron & Metal 740-452-9351 or Polk Scrap Iron & Metal 740-452-4174.

Open Burning: contact OEPA for enforcement by the Clean Air Act: 740-385-8501.

Construction & Demolition Debris – contact OEPA for enforcement by the Clean Air Act: 740-385-8501. Visit


How to File a Complaint (there are three ways)

  • Use the web link below to file.
  • Call Darlene Powell, Administrative Assistant at ext. 282 to file over the phone or ask for a form to be mailed to your address.
  • Visit the ZMCHD Environmental Health window and file in person.

*Please note: to investigate a nuisance we must receive a complaint with detailed information. Please provide as much accurate information as possible. The less information you provide, the more difficult the complaint may be to address, which may result in an unfounded case.

*Confidentiality of nuisance reports cannot be guaranteed; once the case has been closed, the document becomes a public record to which anyone can request a copy of the form.



E-mail Dalton Kirkbride at or call 740-454-9741 extension 292.



Acceptable items at compartmentalized recycling trailers operated by the SOUTHEASTERN OHIO JOINT SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT DISTRICT can be found on their website in the hyperlinked area below.

Employees of the EMA work hard to provide receptacles to residents in an effort to keep our community clean & environment healthy.

Please follow their recommendations. Click here.

Recycling Locations in Muskingum County provided by the EMA:

  • Falls Twp. Moose Lodge Lot
  • Falls Twp. Sanitation Department
  • Salem Twp. Building
  • Springfield Twp. Thompson Real Estate Lot
  • Zanesville City Sanitation Dept. Lot
  • Zanesville City 4th St. & Elberon Ave.
  • Zanesville City SR 666 & Riverside Park
  • Wayne Twp. Wayne Twp. Garage
  • Union Twp. Union Twp. Garage
  • Licking Twp. Licking Twp. Garage
  • Perry Twp. Perry Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept.

For more information, please contact the Southeastern Ohio Joint Solid Waste Management District at 740-732-5493 or visit:

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Public Health nuisance or hazard complaint form:

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Online Inspection Reports:

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Program Fees:

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