Helping the Women of Muskingum County Live Their Healthiest Lives

Resources and Support for Women in Muskingum County, Ohio


Are you taking care of yourself? What does self-care look like?

There are simple steps that can help you become your most healthy self and it’s easier than you think! Simple steps can lead to big changes.

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“Healthy” can be defined differently by everyone.


In Muskingum County, we know that…

  • Affordable childcare is hard to access.

  • Money and transportation are barriers when accessing health care services.

  • Many women are unfamiliar with the term “preconception health”.

It can be hard to care for yourself when life gets in the way. Keeping up with healthy habits, accessing health services, and learning about improving your health are not always easy. We’re here to help you become the best version of yourself! Explore our tip sheets and community resource guide linked below if you are interested in working towards a healthier you.

Did you know that your health is made up of more than what you eat and how often you exercise? Check out the eight factors of health:

Download tips on how you can improve your health in each area:

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Health and wellness is different for every woman. We want to help Muskingum County Women to feel empowered, inspired, and motivated to care for themselves.  We value your ideas and are here to offer you the resources that you need to reach your health goals. Our team recognizes that being healthy is more than eating healthy and exercising. Chronic illness, self-care, finances, and mental health all play a vital role in your health.




Health can feel like a tall hill to climb, let us help!

Our Preconception Health services can help with resources, tips and services that can help you achieve your goals.

We have created a guide of resources and organizations right here in Muskingum County to connect you to resources to aid in your health journey.

Let’s take the first step to a healthier life together, here is how:

Download our tips:

Click here for the Tip Sheet

Find resources to meet your needs:

Click here for the Community Resource Guide


A Trusted Resource

The Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department has partnerships with wonderful organizations across the county. We advocate for your needs and provide support to see you through the process.


 ZMCHD would like to thank the Butler County General Health District.

The Whole Woman Project was created by Butler County General Health District in partnership with: