ZMCHD values collaboration and partnerships to ensure community engagement. Community engagement is described as an ongoing process of dialogue and discussion, collective decisions, and shared ownership (Public Health Accreditation Board). Partnerships within our community provide opportunities to leverage resources, coordinate activities, meet public health needs, and use community assets in new and more effective ways. The Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department is involved in many local, regional, and state committees, coalitions, partnerships, and professional organizations to address community needs.

2022 Muskingum County Community Health Assessment

This information enables ZMCHD and other local agencies to direct resources toward areas of greatest need. Please feel free to use this information to improve programs and support your grant applications.

2023 Muskingum Community Health Improvement Plan

Partners from Muskingum County collaborated on Prioritization Day where they reviewed the results from the 2022 Community Health Assessment, and selected the priorities to develop the goals and objectives our community is focusing on for the next three years.

Progress Tracker

We utilize a program called Clear Impact to track our progress on our goals and objectives for the 2023 Community Health Improvement Plan.

Healthier Muskingum County Network Charter

The Healthier Muskingum County Network (HMCN) was developed in 2011, spearheaded by the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department as a networking group to address priority issues from the Community Health Improvement Plan. Member agencies of the network represent an array of social determinants of health, safety, education, employment, healthcare, and housing among others. The network’s goal is to increase awareness of community resources, identify networking opportunities, and reduce duplication of available services.